AlfaChess 1.02

Play classic Chess against the computer.


AlfaChess is a Windows program that play classic Chess and variants on an 8x8 board.
With the various options, you can create your own variants.
NOTE: variants not yet implemented

'Not very fast but very fun' for the casual and experienced player

Now with significant engine improvements


  • play Chess and variants
  • input with mouse or keyboard
  • create your own variants
  • open and save games with PGN support
  • play against the program, another human or let the computer play against itself
  • analyze mode
  • search for problems/combinations (experimental)
  • give piece priority in computer search for each move
  • take back and forward
  • next best window
  • turn board
  • offer draw, resign, get a hint
  • displays a move list
  • show available moves
  • comment window
  • setup position
  • opening book
  • offer playing style
  • rating
  • set various options (strength, depth, variant, board, engine)
  • and much more...



  • * Email me if you want more variants


General rules: Wikipedia