DiceHut 0.11 Beta

Roll dice on the computer.

Dice is the plural of the word die, probably from the Latin dare: to give. They are small polyhedral objects with the faces marked with numbers or other symbols, thrown to choose one face randomly. The most common dice are small cubes, 1-2 cm across, with faces numbering from one to six. Usually the numbers are patterns of dots, with opposite sides totalling seven, and numbers one, two and three set in clockwise direction. By throwing these dice provide (supposedly uniformly distributed) random numbers for gambling and other games (and thus are a type of random number generator). Dice are thrown, singly or in groups, from the hand or from a cup or box designed for the purpose, onto a flat surface. The face of each die that is uppermost when it comes to rest provides the value of the throw. A typical dice game today is craps, in which two dice thrown at a time. They are also frequently used to randomize allowable moves in board games such as Backgammon.


DiceHut is an electronic dice roller.
Useful with card games, monopoly, etcetera



  • Roll up to 9999 dice with the choice of 99 faces
  • Input a number to add to the result
  • Clear the number of rolls variable


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