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Matrix functions - numerical linear algebra. 

   Matrix analysis. 
     cond         Matrix condition number. 
     norm         Matrix or vector norm. 
     rcond        LINPACK reciprocal condition estimator. 
     rank         Number of linearly independent rows or columns. 
     det          Determinant. 
     trace        Sum of diagonal elements. 
     null         Null space. 
     orth         Orthogonalization. 
     rref         Reduced row echelon form. 
   Linear equations. 
     \ and /      Linear equation solution; use "help slash". 
     chol         Cholesky factorization. 
     lu           Factors from Gaussian elimination. 
     inv          Matrix inverse. 
     qr           Orthogonal-triangular decomposition. 
     qrdelete     Delete a column from the QR factorization. 
     qrinsert     Insert a column in the QR factorization. 
     nnls         Non-negative least-squares. 
     pinv         Pseudoinverse. 
     lscov        Least squares in the presence of known covariance. 
   Eigenvalues and singular values. 
     eig          Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 
     poly         Characteristic polynomial. 
     hess         Hessenberg form. 
     qz           Generalized eigenvalues. 
     rsf2csf      Real block diagonal form to complex diagonal form. 
     cdf2rdf      Complex diagonal form to real block diagonal form. 
     schur        Schur decomposition. 
     balance      Diagonal scaling to improve eigenvalue accuracy. 
     svd          Singular value decomposition. 
   Matrix functions. 
     expm         Matrix exponential. 
     expm1        M-file implementation of expm. 
     expm2        Matrix exponential via Taylor series. 
     expm3        Matrix exponential via eigenvalues and eigenvectors. 
     logm         Matrix logarithm. 
     sqrtm        Matrix square root. 
     funm         Evaluate general matrix function.