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Specialized math functions. 

     besselj      Bessel function of the first kind. 
     bessely      Bessel function of the second kind. 
     besseli      Modified Bessel function of the first kind. 
     besselk      Modified Bessel function of the second kind. 
     beta         Beta function. 
     betainc      Incomplete beta function. 
     betaln       Logarithm of beta function. 
     ellipj       Jacobi elliptic functions. 
     ellipke      Complete elliptic integral. 
     erf          Error function. 
     erfc         Complementary error function. 
     erfcx        Scaled complementary error function. 
     erfinv       Inverse error function. 
     gamma        Gamma function. 
     gcd          Greatest common divisor. 
     gammainc     Incomplete gamma function. 
     lcm          Least common multiple. 
     gammaln      Logarithm of gamma function. 
     log2         Dissect floating point numbers. 
     pow2         Scale floating point numbers. 
     rat          Rational approximation. 
     rats         Rational output. 
     cart2sph     Transform from Cartesian to spherical coordinates. 
     cart2pol     Transform from Cartesian to polar coordinates. 
     pol2cart     Transform from polar to Cartesian coordinates. 
     sph2cart     Transform from spherical to Cartesian coordinates.