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Data analysis and Fourier transform functions. 

   Basic operations. 
     max          Largest component. 
     min          Smallest component. 
     mean         Average or mean value. 
     median       Median value. 
     std          Standard deviation. 
     sort         Sort in ascending order.  
     sum          Sum of elements. 
     prod         Product of elements. 
     cumsum       Cumulative sum of elements. 
     cumprod      Cumulative product of elements. 
     trapz        Numerical integration using trapezoidal method. 
   Finite differences. 
     diff         Difference function and approximate derivative. 
     gradient     Approximate gradient. 
     del2         Five-point discrete Laplacian. 
     corrcoef     Correlation coefficients. 
     cov          Covariance matrix. 
     subspace     Angle between subspaces. 
   Filtering and convolution. 
     filter       One-dimensional digital filter. 
     filter2      Two-dimensional digital filter. 
     conv         Convolution and polynomial multiplication. 
     conv2        Two-dimensional convolution. 
     deconv       Deconvolution and polynomial division. 
   Fourier transforms. 
     fft          Discrete Fourier transform. 
     fft2         Two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform. 
     ifft         Inverse discrete Fourier transform. 
     ifft2        Two-dimensional inverse discrete Fourier transform. 
     abs          Magnitude. 
     angle        Phase angle. 
     unwrap       Remove phase angle jumps across 360 degree boundaries. 
     fftshift     Move zeroth lag to center of spectrum. 
     cplxpair     Sort numbers into complex conjugate pairs. 
     nextpow2     Next higher power of 2.