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Demonstrations and samples. 

     demo         Demonstrate some of MATLAB's capabilities. 
     intro        Introduction to MATLAB. 
     bench        MATLAB Benchmark. 
   MathWorks Specials. 
     vibes        Vibrating L-shaped membrane. 
     life         MATLAB's version of Conway's Game of Life. 
     penny        Several views of the penny data. 
     lorenz       Plot the orbit around the Lorenz chaotic attractor. 
     earthmap     View Earth's topography. 
     sqdemo       Superquadrics using UIControls. 
   Data Analysis. 
     fftdemo      Use of the fast finite Fourier transform. 
     quake        Loma Prieta Earthquake. 
     sigdemo1     Discrete-time Fourier transforms, with GUI. 
     sigdemo2     Continuous-timeFourier transforms, with GUI. 
     census       Try to predict the US population in the year 2000. 
     spline2d     Demonstrate GINPUT and SPLINE in two dimensions. 
     sunspots     The answer is 11.08, what is the question? 
   Numerical analysis. 
     odedemo      Ordinary differential equations. 
     quaddemo     Adaptive quadrature. 
     zerodemo     Zerofinding with fzero. 
     fplotdemo    Plot a function. 
     fitdemo      Nonlinear minimization with Nelder-Meade search. 
     eigmovie     Symmetric eigenvalue movie. 
     rrefmovie    Computation of Reduced Row Echelon Form 
   Mathematical Examples. 
     fourier      Graphics demo of Fourier series expansion. 
     cplxdemo     Maps of functions of a complex variable. 
     peaks        A sample function of two variables. 
     knot         Tube surrounding a three-dimensional knot. 
     membrane     Generate MathWorks's logo. 
   Images and color maps. 
     imagedemo    Demonstrate MATLAB V4's image capability. 
     colormenu    Select color map. 
     sounddemo    Demonstrate MATLAB V4's sound capability. 
   Sparse matrices. 
     bucky        The graph of the Buckminister Fuller geodesic dome. 
     delsqdemo    Finite difference Laplacian on various domains. 
     sepdemo      Separators for a finite element mesh. 
     sparsity     Demonstrate effect of sparsity orderings. 
     airfoil      Display sparse matrix from NASA airfoil.