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General purpose commands. 

   Managing commands and functions. 
     help         On-line documentation.  
     what         Directory listing of M-, MAT- and MEX-files. 
     type         List M-file. 
     lookfor      Keyword search through the HELP entries. 
     which        Locate functions and files. 
     demo         Run demos. 
     path         Control MATLAB's search path. 
   Managing variables and the workspace. 
     who          List current variables. 
     whos         List current variables, long form. 
     load         Retrieve variables from disk. 
     save         Save workspace variables to disk. 
     clear        Clear variables and functions from memory. 
     pack         Consolidate workspace memory. 
     size         Size of matrix. 
     length       Length of vector. 
     disp         Display matrix or text. 
   Working with files and the operating system. 
     cd           Change current working directory. 
     dir          Directory listing. 
     delete       Delete file. 
     getenv       Get environment value. 
     !            Execute operating system command. 
     unix         Execute operating system command & return result. 
     diary        Save text of MATLAB session. 
   Controlling the command window. 
     cedit        Set command line edit/recall facility parameters. 
     clc          Clear command window. 
     home         Send cursor home. 
     format       Set output format. 
     echo         Echo commands inside script files.  
     more         Control paged output in command window. 
   Starting and quitting from MATLAB. 
     quit         Terminate MATLAB. 
     startup      M-file executed when MATLAB is invoked. 
     matlabrc     Master startup M-file. 
   General information. 
     info         Information about MATLAB and The MathWorks, Inc. 
     subscribe    Become subscribing user of MATLAB. 
     hostid       MATLAB server host identification number. 
     whatsnew     Information about new features not yet documented. 
     ver          MATLAB, SIMULINK, and TOOLBOX version information.