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Low-level file I/O functions. 

   File opening and closing. 
     fopen        Open file. 
     fclose       Close file. 
   Unformatted I/O. 
     fread        Read binary data from file. 
     fwrite       Write binary data to file. 
   Formatted I/O. 
     fscanf       Read formatted data from file. 
     fprintf      Write formatted data to file. 
     fgetl        Read line from file, discard newline character. 
     fgets        Read line from file, keep newline character. 
   File positioning. 
     ferror       Inquire file I/O error status. 
     feof         Test for end-of-file. 
     fseek        Set file position indicator. 
     ftell        Get file position indicator. 
     frewind      Rewind file. 
   String conversion. 
     sprintf      Write formatted data to string. 
     sscanf       Read string under format control.