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Language constructs and debugging. 

   MATLAB as a programming language. 
     script       About MATLAB scripts and M-files. 
     function     Add new function. 
     eval         Execute string with MATLAB expression. 
     feval        Execute function specified by string. 
     global       Define global variable. 
     nargchk      Validate number of input arguments. 
     lasterr      Last error message. 
   Control flow. 
     if           Conditionally execute statements. 
     else         Used with IF. 
     elseif       Used with IF. 
     end          Terminate the scope of FOR, WHILE and IF statements. 
     for          Repeat statements a specific number of times. 
     while        Repeat statements an indefinite number of times. 
     break        Terminate execution of loop. 
     return       Return to invoking function. 
     error        Display message and abort function. 
   Interactive input. 
     input        Prompt for user input.  
     keyboard     Invoke keyboard as if it were a Script-file. 
     menu         Generate menu of choices for user input. 
     pause        Wait for user response. 
     uimenu       Create user interface menu. 
     uicontrol    Create user interface control. 
   Debugging commands. 
     dbstop      Set breakpoint. 
     dbclear     Remove breakpoint. 
     dbcont      Resume execution. 
     dbdown      Change local workspace context. 
     dbstack     List who called whom. 
     dbstatus    List all breakpoints. 
     dbstep      Execute one or more lines. 
     dbtype      List M-file with line numbers. 
     dbup        Change local workspace context. 
     dbquit      Quit debug mode.