SuperDir 1.00

Directory Lister for Windows


SuperDir is a Windows DIRectory viewer.
Similar as the DOS command but in a window.

The following information is displayed:

1. Folder name
2. File name
3. File size
4. Modification time
5. File identification
6. First bytes in HEX or ASCII format

Click on a column to sort the information.

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File Identification

File Identification works in the following order:

1. Internal (not changeable)
2. SIGS folder
    Files starting with the first 2 bytes in HEX format eg. 3F5F.txt
    Only the first line in the file is used.
    In this case 'WinHelp'
    If this line is called 'misc' the lines under 'misc' are used for finding the correct format. (See 0000.txt)
    The rest are comments.
3. file_sigs_RAW.txt from Gary Kessler
4. EXTS folder
    Only the first line in the file is used.
    The rest are comments.