PeatSoft - Why did Elvis really die?

By the age of 42 when he died of heart disease, Elvis Presley was eating 65,000 calories daily. In the UK the recommended daily maximum for a man is 2,550 calories.
  • So by the time he kicked off his Blue Suede Shoes, Elvis was chomping his way through the maximum daily calorie allowance of how many British men?

    a) 17.76
    b) 25.49
    c) 44.14

According to McDonald's, an American Big Mac sandwich contains 600 calories. 4.25 Big Mac sandwiches therefore contain 2,550 calories.
  • Elvis was eating the equivalent of how many Big Macs daily when he died?

    a) 54.00
    b) 142.23
    c) 108.33

To burn off 3,235 calories takes an 8 mile cycle ride at 17 mph.
  • How far would Elvis have needed to cycle at 17 mph to burn off his 65,000 calorie daily intake?

    a) 165.25 miles (266 kilometres)
    b) 160.74 miles (259 kilometres)
    c) 155.50 miles (250 kilometres)

Distance London to Swansea: 160 miles
Distance Miami to Key West: 160 miles

What Killed Elvis was a chronic lack of cycling.

Answers: b, c, b
A regular McDonald's hamburger sandwich contains 280 calories.
Your mouth produces 1 litre of saliva a day.

Source: How to Make a Camel Smoothie ... and other Other Surreal Sums

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