ExtCount 1.01

Counts the file types in a folder

A filename extension or filename suffix is an extra set of characters appended to the end of a filename. It allows computer users and various pieces of software on the computer system to quickly detect the type of data stored in the file (the file format). Filename extensions have been in use for decades. They have gained common usage because of operating systems like DOS and Windows, which had severe limitations on filenames for many years. They can be considered as an important visible type of metadata on modern computer systems. Generally, filename extensions are one, two, or three characters in length, but they can be much longer if the computer system permits.


ExtCount counts the number of file types in a folder and subfolders.
You will see the file names and the content of the files.
It will be displayed in hexadecimal and ASCII format.
If available ExtCount will try to identify the file.

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