F i l e D o s s i e r   1.01   Beta

Any File viewer


FileDossier is a basic file viewer and extractor, specialized in old file formats.
Header information of certain file types is also shown.
You can quickly navigate through folders and files and view their contents. No need to double-click.
At the moment it's very basic, but new file types are constantly added.

Free Download:


  • file viewer
  • extracts data, text and files
  • view header info
  • convert graphics into BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG and TIF files
  • save graphics into smaller sizes
  • count words (alfa and mumeric sort)
  • create search engine queries of the most found words
  • search
  • special string searches: copyright, filenames, email addresses


  • BMP
  • CUR
  • DBF
  • DIB
  • EMF
  • GIF
  • hex
  • ICO
  • JPG
  • plain text
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • TXT
  • WRI

Header Information

  • BMP
  • CUR
  • DIB
  • DLL (NE and PE)
  • EXE (MZ, NE, PE)
  • FON
  • other executables
  • GIF
  • ICO
  • JPG
  • PIF
  • WRI


  • BMP
  • CUR
  • ICO
  • MID
  • WAV
From WRI files (in FileDossier/WRITE folder):
  • DDB
  • SS (Structured Storage)
  • WMF
From NE resources:
  • accelerator, bitmap, cursor, data, dialog, font, font dir, icon, menu, string, version