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Armenian Checkers

Capture all your opponent's pieces ('Checkers' or 'Kings') by jumping over them, or stalemate the opponent so he has no moves.
Checkers can move forward, left, right, or diagonally forward either by sliding to an adjacent empty square or by jumping over an enemy piece to a vacant square on the other side. Jumping over a piece captures it, but you may not jump diagonally.
Capturing is mandatory, and you must keep jumping and capturing as long as it is possible, taking the maximum number of pieces.
Men can capture forward, left or right.
The King is a long range piece and can move left, right, up or down and jump over any opponent piece to any free square.
The King can also move diagonally, but not jump diagonally.
When your Checker stops on the other end of the board, it becomes a King and can then also move backwards.
If it merely visits a promotion square during a series of capture moves, then it does not promote.

Armenian Checkers is the same as Turkish Checkers except:
1) Men may also move diagonally forward,
2) Kings can move in any horizontal or diagonal direction (like a Queen)

1 & 2 only apply to non-captures. When capturing, moves must be orthogonal.

Source: Zillions of Games