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 International Checkers

Object: Capture all your opponent's pieces ('Checkers' or 'Kings') by jumping over them, or
stalemate the opponent so he has no moves. All pieces move on diagonals, either by
sliding to an adjacent empty square or by jumping over an enemy piece to a
vacant square on the other side. Jumping over a piece captures it. Capturing is
mandatory and you must keep jumping and capturing as long as it is possible. Checkers
move only a single square forward until the back row, where they promote to Kings. Kings
may move forwards or backwards.

1. Can Checkers capture backward? Yes.
2. Does a Checker continue jumping after reaching last rank? Yes.
2a. …and can he be crowned and continue jumping? No.
3. Can Kings move move any number of squares? Yes.
4. Are captured pieces left on the board until after the move? Yes.
5. Must you choose the move capturing the most pieces? Yes.
5a. …and if even, make the capture that captures the most Kings? No.

International Checkers was invented in 1723 in France, where it is
still played. It is still popular in France and a number of other
countries as well, especially the Netherlands.

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