1 ' This is a text based game designed by Ryan Curtis.
2 ' Press F2 to play.  Read the help option on the main menu on how to play this3 ' game.
4 ' 10-10-00 - ?
10 INPUT "Are you a male or female "; GENDER$
20 CLS
30 PRINT "Main menu for warrior"
40 PRINT "What would you like to do"
50 PRINT "# 1 to Start game"
60 PRINT "# 2 to see how to play"
70 PRINT "# 3 to quit warrior"
80 INPUT "What #"; NUM
90 IF NUM=1 GOTO 165
100 IF NUM=2 GOTO 115
115 CLS
120 PRINT "In this game you start in the woods.  You may use several commands."
130 PRINT "Forward, turn, left, right, yes, no, and mabey even more."
140 PRINT "Just try stuff out.  When you want to quit press CTRL+BREAK."
150 INPUT "Press enter to continue..."; ENT1
160 GOTO 20
165 CLS
170 PRINT "The Year is 20XX"
180 PRINT "You are a ";GENDER$;" walking down to the bank."
190 PRINT "When you all of a sudden feel like someone is following you."
200 PRINT "All of a sudden you go around a corner and you get mugged by"
210 PRINT "These huge guys.
220 PRINT "You black out..."
230 PRINT "When you wake up you find that you are in the woods."
240 PRINT "You know that the woods are inhabited by very bad things"
250 PRINT "so you need to find a weapon as soon as you can"
260 INPUT "Press enter to continue..."; ENT2
270 CLS
280 PRINT "You see a stick you can use as a weapon until you find"
290 PRINT "a better one.
300 INPUT "Will you pick it up"; CHOICE1$
310 IF CHOICE1$="yes" GOTO 360
320 IF CHOICE1$="no" GOTO 330
330 PRINT "To bad, your charecter picks it up anyway"
335 INPUT "Press enter to continue..."; ENT4
340 CLS
350 GOTO 390
360 PRINT "Good choice, now off to find your way back home or"
370 PRINT "to find a better weapon"
375 INPUT "Press enter to continue..."; ENT5
380 CLS
390 INPUT "Which way do you want to go"; DIR1$
400 IF DIR1$="left" THEN GOTO 440
410 IF DIR1$="right" THEN GOTO 440
420 IF DIR1$="forward" THEN GOTO 440
430 IF DIR1$="turn" THEN GOTO 590
440 PRINT "It's all clear this way"
450 PRINT "But you catch a glimps of something shiny"
460 INPUT "Will you check it out"; CHECK1$
470 IF CHECK1$="yes" THEN GOTO 490
480 IF CHECK1$="no" THEN GOTO 560
490 PRINT "You have found a shiney dagger"
500 INPUT "Do you want it"; CHOICE2$
510 IF CHOICE2$="yes" THEN GOTO 525
520 IF CHOICE2$="no" THEN GOTO 560
525 PLAY "l10 f f f e g"
530 PRINT "You now have a shiney dagger"
535 INPUT "Press enter to continue..."; ENT5
540 CLS
550 GOTO 640
560 PRINT "To bad, your charecter picks it up anyway"
565 INPUT "Press enter to continue"; ENT6
570 CLS
580 GOTO 530
590 PRINT "You see a shack.  Maybe knock on the door"
600 INPUT "Will you "; CHOICE3$
610 IF CHOICE3$="yes" THEN GOTO 660
620 IF CHOICE3$="no" THEN PRINT "You chicken!!"
630 CLS
640 PRINT "you are where you started now"
650 GOTO 390
660 PRINT "You knock on the door..."
670 PRINT "You ask if anyone is home..."
680 PRINT "No one answers"
690 INPUT "Will you go in? "; CHOICE4$
700 IF CHOICE4$="yes" THEN GOTO 750
710 IF CHOICE4$="no" THEN GOTO 720
720 PRINT "You chicken"
730 PRINT "You turn around and go left"
740 GOTO 640
750 PRINT "You go in..."
760 PRINT "You look around and you see an old man sleeping"
770 INPUT "Do you want to wake him up";CHOICE5$
780 IF CHOICE5$="no" GOTO 800
790 IF CHOICE5$="yes" GOTO 940
800 PRINT "Good idea, lets just steal some stuff and get outta here"
810 PRINT "You find a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo"
820 PRINT "When you start to leave you hear the old man get up"
830 INPUT "Press enter..."; ENTER12
840 PRINT "UH OHH, Then you feel something hit your back and"
850 PRINT "you melt to the ground in severe pain"
860 INPUT "Press enter...";ENTER13
870 PLAY "l10 f e d d d e d"
880 PLAY "l3 d"
890 PRINT "***********"
900 PRINT "*game over*"
910 PRINT "***********"
920 INPUT "Press enter to go to the main menu.";ENT14
930 GOTO 20
940 PRINT "When you wake him up he askes for a drink"
950 PRINT "You get him a drink and he thanks you"
960 PRINT "He clears his throught and askes you"
970 PRINT "how you got here.  You told him how, and he"
980 PRINT "said that you are pretty far from civilization"
990 PRINT "He tells you he is a hermit."
1000 PRINT "He thanks you for talking with him and he gives"
1010 PRINT "you a comb and says it will come in handy on"
1020 PRINT "your journey"
1030 PRINT "you tell him goodby and leave out the door."
1040 INPUT "Press enter to continue..."; ENT15
1050 CLS
1060 PRINT "You are where you started now"
1070 INPUT "Which way do you want to go (no turning)";DIR2$
1080 IF DIR1$="left" THEN GOTO 1110
1090 IF DIR1$="Right" THEN GOTO
1100 IF DIR1$="Forward" THEN GOTO
1110 CLS
1120 PRINT "It's all clear this way"
1130 PRINT "But you catch a glimps of something shiny"
1140 INPUT "Will you check it out "; CHECK1$
1150 IF CHECK1$="yes" THEN GOTO 1170
1160 IF CHECK2$="no" THEN GOTO 1250
1170 PRINT "You have found a shiney dagger"
1180 INPUT "Do you want it"; CHOICE6$
1190 IF CHOICE2$="yes" THEN GOTO 1210
1210 CLS
1220 PRINT "You now have a shiney dagger"
1225 PLAY "l10 f f f e g"
1230 INPUT "Press enter to continue... "; ENT17
1240 GOTO
1250 PRINT "To bad, Your charecter picks it up anyway."
1260 GOTO 1210