HHalma 0.24

Play Halma and 10+ variants against the computer.


HHalma is a Halma program. You can play Grasshopper Halma and variants on an 8x8 board.
With the various options, you can create your own variants.

'Not very fast but very fun' for the casual and experienced player

Now with significant engine improvements


  • play Grasshopper Halma and variants
  • input moves with mouse or keyboard
  • create your own variants
  • open and save games
  • play against the program, another human or let the computer play against itself
  • analyze mode
  • take back and move forward
  • next best move window
  • displays a move list
  • algebraic notation
  • turn board
  • offer draw, resign, get a hint
  • show available moves
  • comment window
  • setup position
  • opening book
  • histogram
  • rating
  • set various options (strength, level, variant, board, engine)
  • special variant options
  • and much more...



  • 6 Pieces Halma
  • Flying Halma
  • Gliding Halma
  • Grasshopper Halma
  • Home Halma
  • Jumping Halma
  • Long Jump Halma
  • Multi Jump Halma
  • Northern Slovakian Halma
  • Pyramid Halma