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Special Characters
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Special Characters
JScript provides special characters that allow you to include in strings some characters you can't type directly. Each of these characters begins with a backslash. The backslash is an escape character you use to inform the JScript interpreter that the next character is special.

Escape SequenceCharacter
\fForm feed
\nLine feed (newline)
\rCarriage return
\tHorizontal tab (Ctrl-I)
\'Single quotation mark
\"Double quotation mark

Notice that because the backslash itself is used as the escape character, you cannot directly type one in your script. If you want to write a backslash, you must type two of them together (\\).

document.write('The image path is C:\\webstuff\\mypage\\gifs\\garden.gif.');
document.write('The caption reads, "After the snow of \'97. Grandma\'s house is covered."');
You can use these escape sequences to control formatting of text inside <PRE> and <XMP> tags and, to some extent, inside alert, prompt, and confirm message boxes.