LittlePictureEdit 1.05

Small Picture Editor


LittlePictureEdit is a small picture editor capable of editing BMP files.
You can create 32x32 icons of BMP images.
Pictures greater than 32x32 pixels are shrinked into 32x32 size.
Supported formats:
  • BMP
  • 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit (2, 16, 256, 16,777,216 colors)

  • color pixels
  • transparent pixels
  • save as ICO
  • palette
  • export palette

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BMP or DIB (device-independent bitmap) is a simple file format used by the Microsoft Windows graphics subsystem (GDI).
Compression is usually not used with BMP files, so they are typically larger than compressed image file formats for the same image. The typical true-color bitmap size in bytes is (width in pixels)*(height in pixels)*3. An 800x600 image will occupy approximately 1.5 megabytes.