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  L = MEMBRANE(k), for k <= 12, is the k-th eigenfunction of

  the L-shaped membrane.  The first three eigenfunctions have

  been shown on the covers of various MathWorks publications.



  MEMBRANE(k), with no output parameters, plots the k-th eigenfunction.



  MEMBRANE, with no input or output parameters, plots MEMBRANE(1).



  L = MEMBRANE(k,m,n,np) also sets some mesh and accuracy parameters:



    k = index of eigenfunction, default k = 1.

    m = number of points on 1/3 of boundary.  The size of

        the output is 2*m+1-by-2*m+1.  The default m = 15.

    n = number of terms in sum, default n = min(m,9).

    np = number of terms in partial sum, default np = min(n,2).

    With np = n, the eigenfunction is nearly zero on the boundary.

    With np < n, like np = 2, the boundary is not tied down.