MATLAB memory limitations.

  If the OUT OF MEMORY error message is encountered, there is

  no more room in memory for new variables. You must free up

  some space before you may proceed. One way to free up space

  is to delete some variables (see CLEAR6PA4ZZJ). Another is to

  issue the command PACK1BJOJU2 (See PACK1BJOJU2). PACK1BJOJU2 compresses the data

  in memory, opening up larger contiguous blocks.



  Here are some additional system specific tips:

  MS-Windows: Increase the swap space by opening the Control

              Panel, double-clicking on the 386 Enhanced icon,

              and pressing the Virtual Memory button.

  Macintosh:  Under Multi-Finder, change the application memory

              size by using 'Get Info' on the program icon.

              Under Single-Finder, install more memory.

  VAX/VMS:    Ask your system manager to increase your Working Set.

  Unix:       Ask your system manager to increase your Swap Space.