Generation of X and Y arrays for 3-D plots.

  [X,Y] = MESHGRID(x,y) transforms the domain specified by vectors

  x and y into arrays X and Y that can be used for the evaluation

  of functions of two variables and 3-D surface plots.

  The rows of the output array X are copies of the vector x and

  the columns of the output array Y are copies of the vector y.



  For example, to evaluate the function  x*exp(-x^2-y^2) over the 

  range  -2 < x < 2,  -2 < y < 2,



            [X,Y] = meshgrid(-2:.2:2, -2:.2:2);

            Z = X .* exp(-X.^2 - Y.^2);




  [X,Y] = MESHGRID(x) is an abbreviation for [X,Y] = MESHGRID(x,x).



  [X,Y,Z] = MESHGRID(x,y,z) produces packed 3-D arrays that can

  be used to evaluate functions of three variables and 3-D

  volumetric plots.



  See also SURF1F43EU2, SLICE1MRF163.