PostScript hardcopy.

     The command is obsolete but grandfathered for users of

     earlier versions of MATLAB. Use PRINT6ZA50LG instead.



     Under MS-Windows(tm), META does nothing.

     If you wish to print to a file, choose the FILE: option

     on the ports list box in the printer driver installation

     dialog box.  The system will then prompt you for a filename

     when to make a print request.



     META <filename> opens the file named '' and saves  

     the current Figure to it in PostScript form. Subsequent

     META commands may omit the filename, in which case the

     plots are appended to the previously named file. 



     By default, META uses the PostScript driver '-dps'.

     META <filename> -ddevice specifies a different device driver.

     Available device options are:



        -dps    - PostScript

        -dpsc   - Color PostScript

        -dps2   - Level 2 PostScript

        -dpsc2  - Level 2 Color PostScript



     Note, some devices are not supported with META because

     they do not support multiple page file formats. For example

     Encapsulated PostScript (EPSMO1RU2). Use PRINT6ZA50LG instead.



     See also PRINT6ZA50LG.