Play recorded movie frames.

  MOVIE(M) plays the movie in matrix M once. M must be a matrix

  whose columns are movie frames (usually from GETFRAMEGYVABD).

  MOVIE(M,N) plays the movie N times. If N is negative, each

  "play" is once forward and once backward. If N is a vector,

  elements 2 and above specify the order in which to play the

  frames. For example, if M has three columns, F = [10 3 2 1]

  plays the movie ten times backwards.

  MOVIE(M,N,FPS) plays the movie at FPS frames per second. The

  default if FPS is omitted is 12 frames per second. Machines 

  that can't achieve the specified FPS play as fast as they can.



  MOVIE(H,...) plays the movie in object H, where H is a handle

  to the root, a figure, or an axis.

  MOVIE(H,M,N,FPS,LOC) specifies the location to play the movie

  at, relative to the lower-left corner of object H and in

  the units of its Units property. LOC = [X Y].