Pseudocolor (checkerboard) plot.

  PCOLOR(C) is a pseudocolor plot of matrix C.  The screen is broken

  into a rectangular "checkerboard" the same size as C.  The value of

  each element of C specifies the color in its corresponding rectangle.

  The smallest and largest elements of C are assigned the first and

  last colors given in the color table; colors for the remainder of the 

  elements in C are determined by table-lookup within the remainder of 

  the color table.

  PCOLOR(X,Y,C), where X and Y are vectors or matrices, makes a

  pseudocolor plot on the grid defined by X and Y.  X and Y could 

  define the grid for a "disk", for example.

  PCOLOR is really a SURF1F43EU2 with its view set to directly above.

  PCOLOR returns a handle to a SURFACEZ9CYVV object.