Print graph or save graph to file.

         PRINT <filename> saves the current Figure window as PostScript

         or a printer specific format, as specified by PRINTOPTLTHV1U. If

         a filename is specified, the output is written to the designated file,

         overwriting it if it already exists. If the specified filename does not

         include an extension, an appropriate one is appended.

         If the filename is omitted, the Figure is sent directly to the

         printer as specified in PRINTOPTLTHV1U.



         PRINT <filename> -f<system name> prints the specified SIMULINK




         Syntax: PRINT [ -ddevice] [ -options ] <filename>



         Available Windows device options are:

            -dwin    - Send figure to currently installed printer in monochrome

            -dwinc   - Send figure to currently installed printer in color

            -dmeta   - Send figure to clipboard in Metafile format

            -dbitmap - Send figure to clipboard in bitmap format

            -dsetup  - Bring up Print Setup dialog box, but do not print



         Other Windows options are:

            -v       - Verbose mode, bring up the Print dialog box

                       which is normally suppressed.



         Available Postscript devices are:

            -dps    - PostScript for black and white printers

            -dpsc   - PostScript for color printers

            -dps2   - Level 2 PostScript for black and white printers

            -dpsc2  - Level 2 PostScript for color printers



            -deps   - Encapsulated PostScript (EPSF)

            -depsc  - Encapsulated Color PostScript (EPSF)

            -deps2  - Encapsulated Level 2 PostScript (EPSF)

            -depsc2 - Encapsulated Level 2 Color PostScript (EPSF)



         Additional GhostScript devices are:

            -dlaserjet - HP LaserJet

            -dljetplus - HP LaserJet+

            -dljet2p   - HP LaserJet IIP

            -dljet3    - HP LaserJet III

            -dcdeskjet - HP DeskJet 500C with 1 bit/pixel color

            -dcdjcolor - HP DeskJet 500C with 24 bit/pixel color and

                             high-quality color (Floyd-Steinberg) dithering

            -dcdjmono  - HP DeskJet 500C printing black only

            -ddeskjet  - HP DeskJet and DeskJet Plus

            -dpaintjet - HP PaintJet color printer

            -dpjetxl   - HP PaintJet XL color printer

            -dbj10e    - Canon BubbleJet BJ10e

            -dln03     - DEC LN03 printer

            -depson    - Epson-compatible dot matrix printers (9- or 24-pin)

            -deps9high - Epson-compatible 9-pin, interleaved lines 

                            (triple resolution)

            -depsonc   - Epson LQ-2550 and Fujitsu 3400/2400/1200 color printers

            -dgif8     - 8-bit color GIF file format

            -dpcx16    - Older color PCX file format (EGA/VGA, 16-color)

            -dpcx256   - Newer color PCX file format (256-color)



         Other options are:

            -append   - Append the graph to file, rather than overwriting

            -epsi     - Add 1-bit deep bitmap preview (EPSI format)

            -Pprinter - Specfiy the printer to use

            -fhandle  - Handle Graphics handle of figure to print

            -fname    - Name of SIMULINK system window to print



         See also PRINTOPTLTHV1U, ORIENT3YB56BV.