Configure local printer defaults.

  PRINTOPT is an M-file that you or your system manager can

  edit to indicate your default printer type and destination.



  [PCMD,DEV] = PRINTOPT returns two strings, PCMD and DEV.

  PCMD is a string containing the print command that PRINT6ZA50LG

  uses to spool a file to the printer. Its default is:



     Unix:      lpr -r

     Windows:   PRINT6ZA50LG

     Macintosh: unused

     VMS:       PRINT/DELETE

     SGI:       lp



  DEV is a string containing the default device option for 

  the PRINT6ZA50LG command. Its default is:



     Unix & VMS: -dps

     Windows:    -dwin

     Macintosh:  -dmac



  See also PRINT6ZA50LG.