.   Decimal point. 325/100, 3.25 and .325e1 are all the same.



   .   Array operations.  Element-by-element multiplicative operations

       are obtained using .* , .^ , ./ , .\ or .'.  For example,

       C = A ./ B is the matrix with elements c(i,j) = a(i,j)/b(i,j).



   ..  Parent directory.  See CDM9OCU2 or CHDIR.



   ... Continuation.  Three or more decimal points at the end of

       a line causes the following line to be a continuation.



   ,   Comma.  The comma is used to separate matrix subscripts

       and arguments to functions.  It is also used to separate

       statements in multi-statement lines. In this situation,

       it may be replaced by a semicolon to suppress printing.



   ;   Semicolon.  The semicolon is used inside brackets to indicate

       the ends of the rows of a matrix.  It is also used after an

       expression or statement to suppress printing.



   %   Percent.  The percent symbol is used to begin comments.

       Logically, it serves as an end-of-line character.  Any

       following text on the line is ignored or printed by the

       HELP10NXOU2 system.



   !   Exclamation point.  Any text following the '!' is issued

       as a command to the underlying computer operating system.

       (not available on Macintosh).



   '   Transpose.   X' is the complex conjugate transpose of X. 

       X.' is the non-conjugate transpose.



   '   Quote. 'ANYMJZXU2 TEXT1FO9SU2' is a vector whose components are the

       ASCII codes for the characters. A quote within the text

       is indicated by two quotes.  For example: 'Don''t forget.'



   =   Assignment.  B = A stores the elements of A in B.



       See also RELOP2HFK0Q8.