Normally distributed random numbers and matrices.

  RANDN(N) is an N-by-N matrix with random entries, chosen

  from a normal distribution with mean 0.0 and variance 1.0.

  RANDN(M,N) or RANDN([M,N]) is an M-by-N matrix with random entries.

  RANDN(SIZE281GDAB(A)) is the same size as A.

  RANDN with no arguments is a scalar whose value changes each time

  it is referenced.



  RANDN('seed') returns the current seed of the normal generator.

  RANDN('seed',s) sets the normal generator seed to s.

  RANDN('seed',0) resets the seed its startup value.

  RANDN('seed',sum(100*clock)) sets it to a different value each time.



  RANDN and RAND1DJZCU2 have separate generators, each with its own seed.