README file for MATLAB

   6 March 1993



   New MATLAB M-files.



   Here are some M-files that are NOT described in the Reference

   and User's Guides because they were added after printing:



   General MATLAB commands.

    cedit      - Set command line edit/recall facility parameters.

    ls         - Directory listing.

    pwd        - Show current working directory.

    subscribe  - Become a subscribing MATLAB user.

    whatsnew   - Display toolbox README files.

    version    - MATLAB version.

    lasterr    - Last error message.



   Special matrices.

    gallery    - A couple of small test matrices.

    pascal     - Pascal matrix.



   Special functions.

    gcd        - Greatest common divisor.

    lcm        - Least common multiple.

    cart2pol   - Transform Cartesian coordinates to polar.

    cart2sph   - Transform Cartesian coordinates to spherical.

    pol2cart   - Transform polar coordinates to Cartesian.

    sph2cart   - Transform Cartesian coordinates to spherical.



   Matrix functions.

    qrdelete   - Delete a column from the QRM02QU2 factorization.

    qrinsert   - Insert a column in the QRM02QU2 factorization.



   Data functions.

    gradient   - Approximate gradient.

    subspace   - Angle between two subspaces.



   Polynomial functions.

    polyder    - Polynomial derivative.



   Function functions.

    ode23p     - Solve differential equations, displaying plot.



   2-D graphics.

    comet      - Comet plot.

    stem       - Plot discrete sequence data.



   3-D graphics.

    comet3     - 3-D Comet plot.

    slice      - Volumetric slice plot.

    waterfall  - Waterfall plot.



   General purpose graphics.

    imagesc    - Scale data and display as image.

    ishold     - Return 1 if hold is on.

    newplot    - Graphics M-file preamble to handle the NextPlot property.

    whitebg    - Set default figure background color to white.

    graymon    - Set default figure properties for gray-scale monitor.



   Low-level file I/O functions.

    feof       - Test for end-of-file.

    fgetl      - Return the next line of the file as a string, without newline.

    fgets      - Return the next line of the file as a string, with newline.

    frewind    - Rewind an open file.



   Use HELP10NXOU2 on these files or TYPE1G81DU2 them for more information.