Save workspace variables on disk.

  SAVE fname saves all workspace variables to the binary "MAT-file"

  named fname.mat. The data may be retrieved with LOAD216YCAB. Omitting the

  filename causes SAVE to use the default filename "matlab.mat".



  SAVE fname X  saves only X.

  SAVE fname X Y Z  saves X, Y, and Z.



  SAVE fname X Y Z  -ascii  uses 8-digit ASCII form instead of binary.

  SAVE fname X Y Z  -ascii -double  uses 16-digit ASCII form.

  SAVE fname X Y Z  -ascii -double -tabs  delimits with tabs.



  If fname is "stdio", SAVE sends the data to standard output.



  The binary formats used in MAT-files depend upon the size and type of

  each matrix.  Small matrices and matrices with any noninteger entries

  are saved in floating point format requiring 8 bytes per real element.  

  Large, integer matrices may be saved in compact formats requiring

  only 1, 2 or 4 bytes per element.  See the External Interface Library

  for more details, including C and Fortran routines to read and write

  MAT-files from external programs.