Sound axis scaling.

  The SOUND3ROIYQ8 function ordinarily scales its input vector Y so that the

  maximum and minimum values in Y correspond to the maximum and

  minimum input ranges allowed by the sound hardware.



  SAXIS(V), where V is the two element vector V = [SMIN SMAX], disables

  SOUND3ROIYQ8's automatic scaling and sets the scaling so that SMIN and SMAX

  correspond to the minimum and input maximum ranges allowed by the

  sound hardware. Values outside this range are clipped.



  SAXIS('auto') sets sound axis scaling back to automatic.

  SAXIS, by itself, returns the two element row vector containing the

  [SMIN SMAX] currently in effect.



  SAXIS is entirely analogous to CAXIS13534KK and AXIS146URU2, only its scaling applies

  to sounds rather than graphical limits.



  See also SOUND3ROIYQ8, CAXIS13534KK, AXIS146URU2.