Pseudocolor axis scaling.

  CAXIS(V), where V is the two element vector [cmin cmax], sets manual

  scaling of pseudocolor for the SURFACEZ9CYVV and PATCH1T5W1TX objects created by

  commands like MESH2O6LFXR, PCOLOR7C1IVA, and SURF1F43EU2.  cmin and cmax are assigned

  to the first and last colors in the current colormap.  Colors for PCOLOR7C1IVA

  and SURF1F43EU2 are determined by table lookup within this range.  Values

  outside the range are clipped by making them transparent.

  CAXIS('auto') sets axis scaling back to autoranging.

  CAXIS, by itself, returns the two element row vector containing the

  [cmin cmax] currently in effect.



  CAXIS is an M-file that sets the axes properties CLim and CLimMode.