INTERACTIVE SIGNAL DEMO16NYNU2 - 2


      You are seeing a representation of a continuous function (above) and its

      Fourier transform (below).  The function is a Gaussian pulse multiplied,

      or "modulated," by a cosine of a particular frequency.  This demonstration

      allows you to change the modulation frequency, as well as the amplitude of

      the function, and immediately observe those changes in both domains.



      Click and drag a point on the waveform displayed in either plot

      to move that point to a new location, thereby setting a new modulation

      frequency and amplitude.



      The modulation frequency of the waveform is specified in the editable

      text box beneath the plots.  This number is updated when you click and 

      drag either waveform.  You can also change the modulation frequency by 

      clicking in the text box and editing the number there, and then pressing 

      the RETURNKS5UQA key or moving the pointer outside of the box.  The sliding

      control above the text box monitors changes in the modulation

      frequency.  By clicking and dragging the control you can set the 

      modulation frequency.