Convert vector into sound.

  SOUND(Y) sends the signal in vector Y out the speaker on SPARC, HP,

         SGI and Macintosh computers. The vector is autoscaled to provide

         maximum amplitude.



  The sound is played at the default sample rate. On the SPARC, the 

  sample rate is fixed at 8192 Hz. On the Macintosh, the default 

  sample rate is 22.255K Hz.



  SOUND(Y,FS), on the Macintosh and on SGI, plays the sound at a sample

  frequency of FS Hz.



  Vector Y is automatically scaled so that the maximum and minimum values 

  in Y correspond to the maximum and minimum input ranges allowed by the

  sound hardware. On the Macintosh and the SGI, the volume control on the

         Control Panel determines the final sound level.