Set command line edit/recall facility parameters.

  CEDIT('off') turns off command line recall/edit.

  CEDIT('on') turns command line recall/edit back on.

  CEDIT('vms') chooses VMS key definitions.

  CEDIT('emacs') returns to the default Emacs key definitions.

  Here is a table that shows which keystrokes are available

  using the command line editor:



  Previous line: ^p

  Next line: ^n

  One character left: ^b

  One character right: ^f

  Cursor word left: esc b, ^l

  Cursor word right: esc f, ^r

  Cursor to beginning of line: ^a

  Cursor to end of line: ^e

  Cancel line: ^u

  In place delete: ^d

  Insert toggle: ^t

  Delete to end of line: ^k



  Type CEDIT.M for more information.

  The 'emacs' option is always in effect for MS-Windows, in

  addition to its normal fixed key bindings.