Demonstrate UIControls with Superquadrics.



  Click "help" to see this preamble.

  Vary the superquadric shape parameters with the "roundness" sliders.

  Click "first" to select the current shape as the first one in a movie.

  Click "make" to select the current shape as the last one, and make a

     movie, interpolating between the shapes, and rotating 1/4 turn.

  Click "play" to play the movie.  If the first and last shapes are

     the same, play the movie forward to get a spinning effect.

     Otherwise, play the movie back and forth to get a pulsing effect.

  Click "done" to clear the window.

  The pulldown menu, colormaps, offers several color maps.



  *  WARNING: When a button is green, work is in progress.  *

  *  Do not click another button.                           *



  Other parameters can be altered by typing in the command window.

     nf = number of frames, initially 12.

     dt = rotation increment, initially pi/24, so 12 frames is 1/4 turn.

     np = number of plays, initially 10.