Create axes in tiled positions.

  SUBPLOT(m,n,p), or SUBPLOT(mnp), breaks the Figure window into

  an m-by-n matrix of small axes, selects the p-th axes for 

  for the current plot, and returns the axis handle.  The axes 

  are counted along the top row of the Figure window, then the

  second row, etc.  For example,



      SUBPLOT(2,1,1), PLOT3DFTRE7(income)

      SUBPLOT(2,1,2), PLOT3DFTRE7(outgo)



  plots income on the top half of the window and outgo on the

  bottom half.



  SUBPLOT(m,n,p), if the axis already exists, makes it current.

  SUBPLOT(H), where H is an axis handle, is another way of making

  an axis current for subsequent plotting commands.



  If a SUBPLOT specification causes a new axis to overlap an

  existing axis, the existing axis is deleted.  For example,

  the statement SUBPLOT(1,1,1) deletes all existing smaller

  axes in the Figure window and creates a new full-figure axis.