Set graphics terminal type.



  TERMINAL puts up a menu of graphics terminal types and prompts for

  a choice.  It then configures MATLAB. You can also specify the

  terminal type as the first parameter.

  You can add any terminal settings you may need for your specific

  emulators/terminals to this file.



  The graphics terminals that are currently supported are:



  tek401x - Tektronix 4010/4014

  tek4100 - Tektronix 4100

  tek4105 - Tektronix 4105

  retro - retrographics card

  sg100 - Selanar graphics 100

  sg200 - Selanar graphics 200

  vt240tek - VT240 & VT340 Tek mode

  ergo - ergo terminal

  graphon - graphon terminal

  citoh - C.Itoh terminal

  xtermtek - xterm, Tektronix graphics

  wyse - Wyse WY-99GT

  kermit - MS-DOS Kermit 2.23

  hp2647 - Hewlett-Packard 2647

  versa - Macintosh with VersaTerm (Tektronics 4010/4014)

  versa4100 - Macintosh with VersaTerm (Tektronics 4100)

  versa4105 - Color/Grayscale Macintosh with VersaTerm (Tektronics 4105)

  hds - Human Designed Systems