Interactively set a font by displaying a dialog box.

  H = UISETFONT(HIN, 'dialogTitle') displays a dialog box for the 

  user to fill in, and applies the selected font to the input 

  graphics object.



  The parameters are optional and may be specified in any order.



  If parameter HIN is used, it must specify a handle to a text or 

  axis graphics object.  The font properties currently assigned to this

  object are used to initialize the font dialog box.



  If parameter 'dialogTitle' is used, it is a string containing the 

  title of the dialog box.



  The output H is is a handle to a graphics object.  If HIN is specified,

  H is identical to HIN.  If HIN is not specified, a new text object

  is created with the selected font properties, and its handle is




  If the user presses Cancel from the dialog box, or if any error 

  occurs, the output value is set to the input handle, if provided; 

  otherwise, it is set to 0.




      uisetfont(hText, 'Update Font')