3-D graph viewpoint specification. 

  VIEW(AZ,EL) and VIEW([AZ,EL]) set the angle of the view from which an

  observer sees the current 3-D plot.  AZ is the azimuth or horizontal 

  rotation and EL is the vertical elevation (both in degrees). Azimuth 

  revolves about the z-axis, with positive values indicating counter-

  clockwise rotation of the viewpoint. Positive values of elevation 

  correspond to moving above the object; negative values move below.

  VIEW([X Y Z]) sets the view angle in cartesian coordinates. The

  magnitude of vector X,Y,Z is ignored.



  Here are some examples:



  AZ = -37.5, EL = 30 is the default 3-D view.

  AZ = 0, EL = 90 is directly overhead and the default 2-D view.

  AZ = EL = 0 looks directly up the first column of the matrix.

  AZ = 180 is behind the matrix.



  VIEW(2) sets the default 2-D view, AZ = 0, EL = 90.

  VIEW(3) sets the default 3-D view, AZ = -37.5, EL = 30.



  [AZ,EL] = VIEW returns the current azimuth and elevation.



  VIEW(T) accepts a 4-by-4 transformation matrix, such as 

  the perspective transformations generated by VIEWMTX1OWPRUZ.



  T = VIEW returns the current general 4-by-4 transformation matrix.



  See also VIEWMTX1OWPRUZ, the AXES146QRU2 properties View, Xform.