Set the color look-up table.

  COLORMAP(MAP) sets the current figure's colormap to MAP.

  COLORMAP('default') sets the current figure's colormap to

  the root's default, whose factory setting is HSVMR4UU2.

  MAP = COLORMAP retrieves the current colormap. The values

  are in the range from 0 to 1.



  A color map matrix may have any number of rows, but it must have

  exactly 3 columns.  Each row is interpreted as a color, with the

  first element specifying the intensity of red light, the second 

  blue, and the third green.  Color intensity can be specified on the

  interval 0.0 to 1.0.

  For example, [0 0 0] is black, [1 1 1] is white, 

  [1 0 0] is pure red, [.5 .5 .5] is gray, and

  [127/255 1 212/255] is aquamarine.


  Graphics objects that use pseudocolor  -- SURFACEZ9CYVV and PATCH1T5W1TX objects,

  which are created by the functions MESH2O6LFXR, SURF1F43EU2, and PCOLOR7C1IVA -- map

  a color matrix, C, whose values are in the range [Cmin, Cmax],

  to an array of indices, k, in the range [1, m].

  The values of Cmin and Cmax are either min(min(C)) and max(max(C)),

  or are specified by CAXIS13534KK.  The mapping is linear, with Cmin

  mapping to index 1 and Cmax mapping to index m.  The indices are

  then used with the colormap to determine the color associated

  with each matrix element.  See CAXIS13534KK for details.



  Type HELP10NXOU2 COLOR1CPJDFM to see a number of useful colormaps.



  COLORMAP is an M-file that sets the Colormap property of the current