Inquire computer type.

  COMPUTER returns a string containing the name of the computer

  on which MATLAB is executing. Possibilities are:



  PC - PC-MATLAB                 DEC_RISC - DecStation

  PCAT - AT-MATLAB               HP300 - HP 9000/Series 300

  PC386 - 386- or Weitek-MATLAB  HP700 - HP 9000/Series 700  

  PCWIN - MS-Windows MATLAB      APOLLO - Apollo Workstations

  MAC - Edu-MATLAB               VAX_UNIX1GWUWU2 - VAX/Ultrix

  MACII - Mac II-MATLAB          VAXVMSD - VAX/VMS D_float

  SUN4 - Sun-4                   VAXVMSG - VAX/VMS G_float

  SGI - Silicon Graphics         CRAY - CRAY XMP or YMP



  [C,MAXSIZE] = COMPUTER returns also integer MAXSIZE which 

  contains the maximum number of elements allowed in a matrix

  on this version of MATLAB.



  See also ISIEEE1357SO2.