Data analysis and Fourier transform functions.



   Basic operations.

     maxMVMWU2         Largest component.

     minMVUMU2         Smallest component.

     mean21WYMAB        Average or mean value.

     median2MHYDND      Median value.

     stdN25CU2         Standard deviation.

     sort1EY3SU2        Sort in ascending order. 

     sumN26LU2         Sum of elements.

     prod2RCHBXR        Product of elements.

     cumsumKIA13Y      Cumulative sum of elements.

     cumprod1N5DKXG     Cumulative product of elements.

     trapz4PNGYI       Numerical integration using trapezoidal method.


   Finite differences.

     diff16RREU2        Difference function and approximate derivative.

     gradient1ZKGDQ2    Approximate gradient.

     del216NX1U2        Five-point discrete Laplacian.



     corrcoef5JKP0TM    Correlation coefficients.

     cov224HTXR         Covariance matrix.

     subspaceRFR84D    Angle between subspaces.


   Filtering and convolution.

     filterPE2YIY      One-dimensional digital filter.

     filter2GWTT28     Two-dimensional digital filter.

     conv15XZUU2        Convolution and polynomial multiplication.

     conv26SJI0ZJ       Two-dimensional convolution.

     deconv2XO8JFH      Deconvolution and polynomial division.


   Fourier transforms.

     fftMORSU2         Discrete Fourier transform.

     fft218P51U2        Two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform.

     ifft1XY3SAB        Inverse discrete Fourier transform.

     ifft2D3RJ5YN       Two-dimensional inverse discrete Fourier transform.

     absMJNRU2         Magnitude.

     angle23I0OS5       Phase angle.

     unwrap4NU3VE      Remove phase angle jumps across 360 degree boundaries.

     fftshiftS2KPF    Move zeroth lag to center of spectrum.

     cplxpair1DNLGOL    Sort numbers into complex conjugate pairs.

     nextpow24WQK07C    Next higher power of 2.