Elementary matrices and matrix manipulation.



   Elementary matrices.

     zeros12KOD6Z        Zeros matrix.

     ones1AWQRU2        Ones matrix.

     eyeMO0DU2         Identity matrix.

     rand1DJZCU2        Uniformly distributed random numbers.

     randnBWG063       Normally distributed random numbers.

     linspace1LIO5Z7    Linearly spaced vector.

     logspaceCA2QRO    Logarithmically spaced vector.

     meshgrid1Y7VXN8    X and Y arrays for 3-D plots.

     :           Regularly spaced vector.


   Special variables and constants.

     ansMJZRU2         Most recent answer.

     epsMO1RU2         Floating point relative accuracy.

     realmaxCB0FF9     Largest floating point number.

     realmin3TES003     Smallest positive floating point number.

     piM01HU2          3.1415926535897....

     i21KTGXR, j        Imaginary unit.

     infMRZEU2         Infinity.

     NaN         Not-a-Number.

     flopsWST6WQ       Count of floating point operations.

     nargin10IB546      Number of function input arguments.

     nargout1Y74BDA     Number of function output arguments.

     computer113P9BQ    Computer type.

     isieee1357SO2      True for computers with IEEE arithmetic.

     whyN5TXU2         Succinct answer.

     versionY4J4FM     MATLAB version number.


   Time and dates.

     clock41Q1US5       Wall clock.

     cputimeAKMV89I     Elapsed CPU time.

     date16K5DU2        Calendar.

     etime4MPSWQ       Elapsed time function.

     ticN2UBU2, toc    Stopwatch timer functions.


   Matrix manipulation.

     diag16RMFU2        Create or extract diagonals.

     fliplr3MA9YIY      Flip matrix in the left/right direction.

     flipud1KPILYT      Flip matrix in the up/down direction.

     reshape08H08ZP     Change size.

     rot903SZQIN       Rotate matrix 90 degrees.

     tril2906KAB        Extract lower triangular part.

     triu2906TAB        Extract upper triangular part.

     :           Index into matrix, rearrange matrix.