Function functions - nonlinear numerical methods.



     ode23VQEGTX       Solve differential equations, low order method.

     ode23p28LVID      Solve and plot solutions.

     ode45VQGITX       Solve differential equations, high order method.

     quad1D3MCU2        Numerically evaluate integral, low order method.

     quad8HSRNMC       Numerically evaluate integral, high order method.

     fmin18VUMU2        Minimize function of one variable.

     fminsXMR6WQ       Minimize function of several variables.

     fzero10IV2WQ       Find zero of function of one variable. 

     fplot1MZ47D6       Plot function.


   See also The Optimization Toolbox, which has a comprehensive

   set of function functions for optimizing and minimizing functions.