General purpose graphics functions.



   Figure window creation and control.

     figure1ZXWKMN       Create Figure (graph window).

     gcfMPOEU2          Get handle to current figure.

     clfMLXEU2          Clear current figure.

     close41QAOS5        Close figure.


   Axis creation and control.

     subplot79V3U3      Create axes in tiled positions.

     axes146QRU2         Create axes in arbitrary positions.

     gcaCNRG43D          Get handle to current axes.

     cla9FDH0WV          Clear current axes.

     axis146URU2         Control axis scaling and appearance.

     caxis13534KK        Control pseudocolor axis scaling.

     hold10XXCU2         Hold current graph.


   Handle Graphics objects.

     figure1ZXWKMN       Create figure window.

     axes146QRU2         Create axes.

     line2N0GCXR         Create line.

     text1FO9SU2         Create text.

     patch1T5W1TX        Create patch.

     surfaceZ9CYVV      Create surface.

     imageGB9V8W        Create image.

     uicontrol6O9I05A    Create user interface control.

     uimenu5OUK1IC       Create user interface menu.


   Handle Graphics operations.

     setN1QSU2          Set object properties.

     getMPQSU2          Get object properties.

     reset8MJW0LG        Reset object properties.

     delete14TE0VC       Delete object.

     drawnow1PGFQE4      Flush pending graphics events.

     newplot16GW92W      M-file preamble for NextPlot property.


   Hardcopy and storage.

     print6ZA50LG        Print graph or save graph to file.

     printoptLTHV1U     Configure local printer defaults.

     orient3YB56BV       Set paper orientation. 


   Movies and animation.

     moviein1MIQUIY      Initialize movie frame memory.

     getframeGYVABD     Get movie frame.

     movieFJIXXM        Play recorded movie frames.



     ginput1M16LVV       Graphical input from mouse.

     rbboxCKRD63        Rubberband box.

     ishold2AQVQRR       Return hold state.

     whitebg1KUGMVO      Set graphics window defaults for white background.

     graymonFAL0YI      Set graphics window defaults for gray-scale monitors.

     terminalESOZWJ     Set graphics terminal type.

     uiputfileG0JT3Q    Put up dialog box for saving files.

     uigetfile2JFT2K5    Put up dialog box which queries for file names.

     uisetcolor2MAJ0DS   Put up dialog box which returns an RGB value.

     uisetfont93G4NH    Put up dialog box which queries for a font.