Language constructs and debugging.



   MATLAB as a programming language.

     script1ERKKNC      About MATLAB scripts and M-files.

     function3908ER5    Add new function.

     eval184MKU2        Execute string with MATLAB expression.

     fevalPZDZWQ       Execute function specified by string.

     global1YSHFOA      Define global variable.

     nargchk1XUR9DA     Validate number of input arguments.

     lasterrNIGKQ9     Last error message.


   Control flow.

     ifM9UEU2          Conditionally execute statements.

     else17V4DU2        Used with IF.

     elseifZUJ2LW      Used with IF.

     endMNZCU2         Terminate the scope of FOR, WHILE and IF statements.

     for227HPXR         Repeat statements a specific number of times.

     while73E4R4       Repeat statements an indefinite number of times.

     breakCLUWKK       Terminate execution of loop.

     returnKS5UQA      Return to invoking function.

     error2VS5WQ       Display message and abort function.


   Interactive input.

     inputHQH08W       Prompt for user input. 

     keyboard1BQGDSM    Invoke keyboard as if it were a Script-file.

     menu2O6GSXR        Generate menu of choices for user input.

     pauseDONZQ8       Wait for user response.

     uimenu5OUK1IC      Create user interface menu.

     uicontrol6O9I05A   Create user interface control.


   Debugging commands.

     dbstop3NWJB0B       Set breakpoint.

     dbclear122FXWG      Remove breakpoint.

     dbcontJXDH2X       Resume execution.

     dbdownKXMB2X       Change local workspace context.

     dbstackWQV1UJ      List who called whom.

     dbstatus1P8LYRT     List all breakpoints.

     dbstep31N4BN2       Execute one or more lines.

     dbtype117F92X       List M-file with line numbers.

     dbup16L6OU2         Change local workspace context.

     dbquit2ZO8FN2       Quit debug mode.