Matrix functions - numerical linear algebra.



   Matrix analysis.

     cond15XZCU2        Matrix condition number.

     norm3BIWKE7        Matrix or vector norm.

     rcond1771ZMC       LINPACK reciprocal condition estimator.

     rank1DJZJU2        Number of linearly independent rows or columns.

     detMMQSU2         Determinant.

     trace4PA2YI       Sum of diagonal elements.

     null1A3XKU2        Null space.

     orth1B15GU2        Orthogonalization.

     rref2702EAB        Reduced row echelon form.


   Linear equations.

     \ and /     Linear equation solution; use "help slash".

     chol2E9HJXR        Cholesky factorization.

     luM9XTU2          Factors from Gaussian elimination.

     invMRZUU2         Matrix inverse.

     qrM02QU2          Orthogonal-triangular decomposition.

     qrdeleteLN400N    Delete a column from the QR factorization.

     qrinsertJE23UW    Insert a column in the QR factorization.

     nnls2369RAB        Non-negative least-squares.

     pinv1BRZUU2        Pseudoinverse.

     lscov73GS9WQ       Least squares in the presence of known covariance.


   Eigenvalues and singular values.

     eigMNUFU2         Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

     poly1BXXXU2        Characteristic polynomial.

     hess10O4RU2        Hessenberg form.

     qzM02YU2          Generalized eigenvalues.

     rsf2csf4ELI5X     Real block diagonal form to complex diagonal form.

     cdf2rdfUD179K     Complex diagonal form to real block diagonal form.

     schur6WF70E2       Schur decomposition.

     balance72FL0CR     Diagonal scaling to improve eigenvalue accuracy.

     svdN27CU2         Singular value decomposition.


   Matrix functions.

     expm1871LU2        Matrix exponential.

     expm17M9S0VU       M-file implementation of expm.

     expm29NUL0FZ       Matrix exponential via Taylor series.

     expm38TPAWQ       Matrix exponential via eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

     logm2174LAB        Matrix logarithm.

     sqrtm15RK9IN       Matrix square root.

     funm193ZLU2        Evaluate general matrix function.