Polynomial and interpolation functions.




     roots7H4N0HR       Find polynomial roots.

     poly1BXXXU2        Construct polynomial with specified roots.

     polyval8CDZ095     Evaluate polynomial.

     polyvalm217W9IO    Evaluate polynomial with matrix argument.

     residue0VTK8G5     Partial-fraction expansion (residues).

     polyfitYP4G01     Fit polynomial to data.

     polyder3MH5CAF     Differentiate polynomial.

     conv15XZUU2        Multiply polynomials.

     deconv2XO8JFH      Divide polynomials.


   Data interpolation.

     interp11R8IXB5     1-D interpolation (1-D table lookup).

     interp21R8IYB5     2-D interpolation (2-D table lookup).

     interpft2CUQ4YP    1-D interpolation using FFT method.

     griddata1NPC4L    Data gridding.